Shane AgnewMy name is Shane Agnew and suffered a spinal cord injury at c-1, this  made me a ventilated quadriplegic. I have made this website to hopefully inform and help other people dealing directly or indirectly with a spinal cord injury. My accident was in 2005 and although the only part of my body I can move is my face, I am still learning and experiencing new things every day. Life is good.

I have tried to make this website informative but also encouraging and to let people know that there is still life after a spinal cord injury.  Have a read through and feel free to contact me, even if only for a chat.

The reason behind the name of the site was Christopher Reeves, probably the most well known superman actor. He also broke his neck and ended up ventilated like me, my spinal break was above his so hence the “higher than superman


Higher Than Superman