FES Bike week 1

Today I started my FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Bike Program through Rocky Bay my therapy provider  and my Physio Katie. As it was my first go on it we started off slowly, making sure to keep an eye on my heart rate which was expected to rise. Initially my heart rate actually dropped but I think it was already slightly raised due to the excitement of getting my legs going on this machine. Even without a raised heart rate I still burnt off the equivalent to a 6″ Subway sandwich which I was pretty happy with. I rode 18.2 kms which took me 1 hour and 5 minutes. I was really surprised and proud of my body for doing that much as it was my first time on the bike. We started slow and ramped up the electrical pulses to as high as my physio was keen to go as it was my first time. My physio said it was better to start off slow than have me do too much and put me off, although I was keen to go as hard as it could go.




Wednesday 29th August

The Next Day

I have woken up up and my legs feel exactly how you’d expect them to when you’ve riden 18.2 kms, well atleast my phantom legs. For those of of you that don’t know, Google defines a phantom limb as ‘a sensation experienced by someone who has had a limb amputated that the limb is still there’. In my case I have sensations of my full phantom body and my legs are certainly aching today. I don’t know how long this ache will last, and I don’t blame my poor legs for being sore. After 13 years of relaxing I’ve pushed them hard for a full 18kms. I think some good stretches and a massage are needed and well worth it.

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